A laptop with an OLED screen and the latest Core Ultra for only 1000 euros. Acer Swift 14 with Intel Meteor Lake processors appeared on the Internet

by alex

There are two modifications

Laptops based on Intel Core Ultra processors will indeed be relatively affordable. Previously, we saw the first price leaks, but now Acer models have appeared in stores.

Ноутбук с экраном OLED и новейшим Core Ultra всего за 1000 евро. Acer Swift 14 с процессорами Intel Meteor Lake засветился в Сети

In particular, the version of Swift 14 with Core Ultra 5 125H is priced at 1000 euros. This cannot be called a cheap laptop, but the specified processor will not be the weakest in the line. It will offer four large and eight small cores with a TDP of 28 W.

The same laptop, but with a Core Ultra 7 155H, will cost 1,250 euros, but it will have twice the memory and twice the SSD.

Moreover, we are talking about a laptop with an OLED screen with a resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels, which makes the price of 1000 euros much more interesting. Therefore, it is quite possible to expect simpler laptops with lower Meteor Lake CPUs with a price significantly lower than 1000 euros.

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