10 million flagships per year. Xiaomi has launched an advanced self-learning smartphone factory

by alex

It is equipped with automated digital production lines

Today Xiaomi showed its newest flagship Xiaomi 14 Ultra and revealed the date of its official premiere. At the same time, the head of the brand, Liu Weibing (he is now replacing Lei Zun in this position) spoke about the new plant, where, it should be assumed, Xiaomi 14 Ultra will be produced.

The enterprise is located in a suburb of Beijing, the city of Changping. Capacity is 10 million smartphones per year. Quite a lot, considering that the enterprise will be loaded mainly with flagships, which are not sold as widely as some Redmi Note. The plant is equipped with fully automated digital production lines.

The system implemented at the enterprise is capable of analyzing processes in real time and making decisions independently. In essence, we are talking about a self-learning factory.

High-quality live photographs of the black Redmi Turbo 3 and its delivery kit were shown after the presentation

Changping Plant – not Xiaomi's first smart factory. The first such enterprise opened in Yizhuang (also Beijing) at the end of 2019. However, the Changping plant is larger than its predecessor (it covers an area ten times larger) and has a second-generation intelligent production line: it covers everything – from mounting and testing of printed circuit boards to assembly and packaging.

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